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Post and Beam Outdoor Dreams

Last week I featured some fabulous timber frame homes on the water – Post and Beam Outdoor Living: On The Waterfront. In doing the research, I discovered there were also post and beam homes, while not on the water, which had some amazing set-ups for outdoor living areas. I guess it’s time for me to quit being such a “water-snob” and admit there are great ways to spend time out-of-doors that don’t have anything to do with water. Consider my mind changed.

No matter your individual outdoor circumstance, if you can fit at least  two Adirondack chairs somewhere and point them in a direction for optimal viewing, you’ve got an instant outdoor seating area. Adirondack chairs are the epitome of summer outdoor living.

Along with the Adirondack chair, come porches and decks as they continue to play an important role in the life of American culture across the United States.

The style for these porches is  individual, but you’ll notice they all have two things in common: a casual feel and an emphasis on comfort. Summer outdoor living is for fun and relaxing!

Decks and outdoor rooms are yet another means of expanding the living space to the outside of the home.

In summing up this post, I’d like to show you a few more of the terrific ideas for outdoor living I found while researching this topic.


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