Post & Beam Farmhouse

Yankee Barn Homes designs traditional and contemporary post and beam farmhouses.  The American Farmhouse is a classic.  Those attracted to this type of architecture are often drawn to the symmetry of the exterior.  Yankee Barn Homes’ kiln-dried Douglas fir post and beam timbers on the interior add unique architecture for a wonderfully modern design. The possibilities for open spaces, lofts, and vaulted ceilings are just some of the options made possible due to the gorgeous timer frame of custom-built farmhouses.

The Yankee Barn Design Team will work closely with you to honor the classic qualities of American farmhouses.  However, we will create a custom post and beam farmhouse design specifically for you because our top priority is meeting your specific goals.  The post and beam half-lap joinery system we use is over 1,000 years old. It is known for great strength and ease of fabrication with a smooth assembly. In contrast to traditional building methods, the versatile panel construction allows open volumes of space and infinite room configurations in your custom farmhouse design. This system works extremely well when building in this style as original American farmhouses were built using the post and beam method.

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