Prefab Coastal Homes

Coastal homes are among the most sought-after real estate due to their spectacular water views. Building a coastal home presents a unique set of challenges. Coastal homes often require specific engineering to safeguard the home against hurricane force winds and coastal flooding. Designing a coastal home also takes special considerations. There are often height restrictions, footprint restrictions and architectural restrictions that heavily influence the design process. Fortunately, our premium prefab coastal homes and post and beam beach houses simplify the process


A Yankee Barn Homes Design Manager will work with you to develop a prefab coastal home perfectly suited to your build site. A Yankee Barn Home Shell Package can be designed to achieve any architectural style, whether the desired look be a classic cottage, a large shingle style retreat or a contemporary coastal home. Whatever your needs may be, YBH has the beach-style kit homes to help you enjoy a beachfront dwelling!

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