how we work

Building with Yankee Barn Homes

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to build a custom Yankee Barn Home! Your dream home will develop and progress through the use of our advanced 3-D architectural and virtual software.



Evaluate if YBH is a fit for your project. You will review pricing information and a scope of work with your sales rep.  Then, just sign your Design Agreement.


Design Process

Meet your team and begin the design process. Based on your criteria, your custom floor plans will be created. Review 3D virtual tours and final pricing.


Builder Selection

Once you have selected your builder you will review progress plans, timelines, budgets and permitting needs with your contactor. YBH will assist you along the way.


Construction Process

You will sign Construction Agreement and receive final construction plans for your home. Your Home Shell Package will be scheduled for production in our facility.


Delivery & Assembly

The delivery to your site will be coordinated with your builder to ensure a smooth process. A YBH supervisor will be on-site. You have the option to have a YBH crew to assemble your home.


On-Site Building & Finishes

Your builder/general contractor will take it from here and install the exterior siding, roof material and exterior doors for a weather tight shell.

Design Process

The YBH in-house design team takes your wish list and turns it into a three-dimensional reality, culminating in a virtual walk through your custom designed home. This unique experience is cost effect as changes are made prior to production. Because your design fee is credited to the cost of your Home Shell Package, you save on purchasing plans that don’t work for you or paying high fees to an architect with little flexibility.

You can either begin your Design Process from an existing Yankee Barn Home design and modify it to your needs or bring together ideas from your imagination, gathered images of design elements, or a list of lifestyle requirement. Our team will help you through the process to conceptualize your dream home while considering your build site elements such as; views, building envelope location, lighting, and nature site features.

Design Initiation

Our team reviews your wish list or starting point design, asks questions, and begins conceptualizing your home.

Schematic Floor Plans

The Floor Plans allow you to look at room configurations, the use of timber frame, overall square footage and more.

Progress Plans

The design requirements, floor layout and style of the home all come together to create a three-dimensional rendering of your home exterior and interior.

Construction Plans

Once you have approved your home design and move into production, we create the formal construction plans for the complete building process.


To begin the process, Yankee Barn Homes provides you with a range per square foot for our services and Home Shell Package. At this time the price per square foot is approximately $110 – $165. Once you have completed the design process for your home we will provide an exact price quote for your Home Shell Package based on all of the details for your custom design.

Factors impacting local build costs:
  • Region and Location
  • Land Characteristics
  • Quality of Finishes
  • Home Features

Your local on-site builder will use the plans we have created to give you a quote for their part of your project including items such as; site work, foundation, siding and trim, roofing material, interior wall framing, utilities, appliances, and interior finishes. Our team can assist you in communicating project details to your local builder.

Elements of a typical build:
  • Land
  • Site Planning & Permitting
  • YBH Home Shell Package & Services
  • Local Contactor Costs
  • Landscaping