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Post and Beam Outdoor Living: On The Waterfront

It’s finally here – Spring In New England. It arrives later than in most places and, honestly, I’m just beginning to see the ground around my yard. No joke, there’s still a lot of snow here, which I seem to measure daily.  Apparently my thinking is that in doing so, it might actually melt more quickly. Ha!

This picture of my carriage house and surrounding yard was taken this past weekend (April 9, 2011). REALLY!

But this doesn’t stop me from hauling out the lawn furniture ( I shoveled away the snow on our patio this past weekend so I could set out the chairs) while dreaming of all the wonderful weather to come.  When I came in the house I went immediately to the computer  because my mind said it was finally time to write about summer! I gathered a few photos of fabulous post and beam homes that have drool-worthy outdoor living spaces and I was off and running.  These are definitely some of my favorite exterior designs for Post and Beam Outdoor Living!

Let’s dive right in (pun intended). For me, this is the absolute best way to spend the summer – on a body of water. Pool, pond, river, lake, ocean; it doesn’t matter – water is the epitome of summer living. Gorgeous timber frame homes and gorgeous settings – it doesn’t get any better than this !

Whether it’s on an estuary in the Carolina’s or a lake in Massachusetts, these timber frame home owners take the summer season seriously.

Before you begin to think you need a lake or an ocean to have fun, think again: these post and beam home owners have found a pool works just as nicely. I’ve just got to say it, this pool kicks some serious you-know-what! This pool yard is totally integrated (color scheme and all) with a gorgeous red and green post and beam barn home – WOW!


And finally, the chic shed makes its debut as an adorable pool house. Really, what more does a body need???

But not all of us have the option of a body of water just outside the door. No problem, I’ve found more ways to enjoy the hot days and warm nights of summer. Check back next week and I’ll show you how post and beam home owners without bodies of water also have the outdoor living-thing down to a fine science!

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