Post & Beam Mountain Homes

Mountain homes are immensely popular as they offer a secluded retreat, often with spectacular views.  The timber frame of a post and beam mountain home allows for large expanses of windows accentuated by the gorgeous timbers of the structure. The exposed beams and warm wood tones are an integral part of the mountain rustic look as they help tie the natural elements found outdoors to those incorporated into the interior of the home.

Yankee Barn Homes has been building post and beam mountain homes for over 50 years.  A Yankee Barn Homes Design Manager works with clients to develop a look perfectly suited to each home site. Yankee Barn Homes collaborates with the client’s general contractor to ensure that the Yankee Barn Homes Shell Package meets or exceeds pertinent local residential building requirements. The post-and-beam half-lap joinery system we use is over 1,000 years old and is known for great strength and ease of fabrication and assembly. In contrast to traditional building methods, the versatile panel construction of our mountain home kits allows open volumes of space and infinite room configurations.

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