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A Yankee Barn In Western New York State

A Yankee Barn in Western New York State

This Yankee Barn in Western New York is an interesting combination of New England Victorian (the exterior) and Greek Revival and Second Empire (New York) styles (the interior). With city and town names such as Ithaca, Syracuse and Cortland surrounding this post and beam, it makes sense the latter two styles would influence the interior decor of this barn home.  This home is just another in a long line of homes which proves a Yankee Barn Home can be whatever the owner envisions. Architectural and decor styles may be incorporated with stunning effect in a Yankee Barn. Yankee Barn


Western New York Yankee Barn Exterior

The simple, yet strong, lines of this Yankee Barn take total command of the site on which it sits. Without this house, the land would be flat and fairly unremarkable. The house makes the site come alive in a way many other structures could not. Take a look:

Yankee Barn
Between the house and that marvelous tree, this winter scene is picture perfect!


Yankee Barn
This picture would make a wonderful Winter Holiday card. Hmm…


Yankee Barn
It seems no matter the weather, this house looks great.


Yankee Barn
How many of us can literally say our home is at the end of the rainbow??


Western New York Yankee Barn Interior

Once inside the home, this Yankee Barn is a nod to both the local architectural styles in western New York State and the homeowners love for antiques from the middle to late eighteen hundreds, often seen in this area of the U.S. Be sure to take a close look at the light fixtures, particularly in the kitchen.

Yankee Barn
Notice the Empire style table just inside the front door and the light fixture in the open hall; both styles are from the mid-eighteen hundreds.


Yankee Barn
The library uses bold, yet warm, colors along with a great Empire style sofa.


Yankee Barn
The open floor plan kitchen is a work of art all to itself. From the light fixtures to the beautiful wood cabinetry, this kitchen is totally unique!


Yankee Barn
The tile above the range is absolutely stunning. LOVE the color!


Yankee Barn
The floor to ceiling pantries on either side of the refrigerator are a cook’s dream.


I hope you’ve been intrigued enough by this Yankee Barn home to get your own creative juices flowing. Just imagine a home custom built and stylized solely for you. It truly is a post and beam dream!!

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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