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Yankee Barn Homes Builds Houses With Attitude!

Yankee Barn Homes builds houses and barns with attitude – good attitude, that is! Having spent the last two years putting pictures of many Yankee Barn Homes all over every social media site I can find; Flickr, this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and now Pinterest, I’ve had the opportunity to receive a large amount of feedback on these post & beam homes. The consensus is this: Yankee Barn Homes are absolutely stunning, inside and out.

Yankee Barn Homes Barn Home

Post & Beam Barn Homes

A gorgeous barn home by Yankee Barn Homes.

When you see a Yankee Barn Homes structure, you know it. There is no trying to guess whether it’s a barn home or not, you can tell by the presence of the building and the well design proportions of the space; and did I mention every one is unique? There are no two-of-a-kind.

Yankee Barn Homes Great Room

Post & Beam Great Room by Yankee Barn Homes

A stunning wall of windows in a contemporary barn home by Yankee Barn Homes.

Each Yankee Barn Homes house/carriage house/barn or addition is designed by either the owners themselves (most often done this way) or with the use of an architect. Frankly, many people think they need an architect (I’m totally guilty of this) only to discover, no they don’t. Yankee Barn Homes’ amazing staff has all your requirements covered, from design specialists to engineering designers to the builders, themselves. This professional team guides, while incorporating all the owners wants and needs in a home.

Yankee Barn Homes Carriage House

Yankee Barn Homes Post & Beam Carriage House

A Victorian style carriage house by Yankee Barn Homes.

Whether looking for a primary residence, a second home, a carriage house/guest house, an addition or a barn, Yankee Barn Homes will provide everything the potential new homeowner(s) will need, often including a walk through of one of the the many Yankee Barn Homes to be found around the country. Owners are so proud of their homes, they gladly allow potential Yankee Barn Homes home owners the opportunity to get a look and feel for the interior of the these spectacular structures. Once you see one, you won’t soon forget it as thoughts of your very own post & beam will be in over-drive!

Yankee Barn Homes Addition and Barn

Post & Beam barn Home Addition by Yankee Barn Homes

A classic style post and beam barn home addition to a 18th Century New England cape.


Please go to the Yankee Barn Homes website to see more wonderful homes and floor plans.

Yankee Barn Homes Barn

Post & Beam Barn by Yankee Barn Homes

 Post. Beam. Dream!

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