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Post & Beam Home Design…Lesson #3

Post & Beam Home Design…Lesson #3

Lesson # 3: Know what you need.  Know what you want.  Consider interior & exterior.  Bring pictures. This will assist both you and your designer/planner (whether it’s an architect or a post and beam design specialist) immensely.  People often know the amount of money they’re willing to spend but many don’t really know how they’d like to spend that money. It’s important. Take the time to build a portfolio of pictures, sketches and ideas of your favorite structures. Even if those structures are not post and beam houses or houses at all. Every little bit helps your planner assist you in getting exactly what you want. Know you’re priorities; what’s really important for you to have as opposed to what you’d like to have. When push comes to shove (and it will) you’ll know what you can and can’t live without.


This post and beam barn addition makes a handsome game room. I really like how the color of the walls complement the Douglas fir beams.

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