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Barn Home Ideas: Chandelier Styles And Resources

Barn Home Ideas: Chandelier Styles and Resources

Once your barn home ideas and plans are underway, sooner or later the time will arrive when you’ll need to consider lighting. Track lighting, mood lighting, accent lighting, and if you have lofted spaces, the all important chandelier. Quite possibly, you’ll need more than one chandelier depending on the spaces you’ll be lighting. Yankee Barn homes supply a multitude of places and possibilities for chandeliers, from petite to grand, and everything between. Take a look at some of my favorites used by previous and current clients. There is wonderful variation in chandelier style here, as well as great ideas for chandelier placement your home and the all important element: resources.

barn home ideas

This metal chandelier from Currey & Company has a bamboo motif, perfect for a Yankee Barn Zen garden tea house.


Barn Home Ideas: Chandelier Styles

Chandeliers are just one of many considerations in the category of barn home ideas, but they are an important one. They can make a vivid statement about who you are and the style of your home. Chandeliers naturally take center stage in any room they occupy, so choose wisely and choose one which truly speaks to you. Don’t worry about whether your decorator (or your mother) likes it or not; if you like it, it will work. There are two common pitfalls to avoid when choosing and hanging a chandelier. ONE: Purchase a chandelier large enough for the space. People often err on the side of “too small” and the chandelier, while beautiful, doesn’t look right because it’s swallowed up by the space. TWO: Hang the chandelier lower to the floor than you might think. If there is a second floor balcony, you should be able to stand on it and look directly in to (and even slightly down on) the chandelier.

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This chandelier is an excellent example of both pitfalls avoided. It is quite large (as large as some small adults) and has been hung low enough to be level with the upper balcony of this YBH great room.


barn home ideas
This Restoration Hardware chandelier reflects the homeowners love for a more contemporary style.


barn home ideas
If you find a chandelier you love but know it’s too small for your space, do what these homeowners did; get two!


barn home ideas
There is no way you look at this room and miss the chandelier. Whether it’s to your taste or not, it is an attention getter. From Currey & Co., I LOVE it!


barn home ideas
The mountain style Yankee Barn home is complimented perfectly with an antler chandelier.



Barn Home Ideas: Chandelier Resources

Here are some of my favorite lighting sources; each one has numerous choices for chandeliers in style,  size and price.

Currey & Company  Thirty Five-plus pages of absolutely every style of chandelier you could imagine (and some you might not!). It is my Go To company for many things, including chandeliers.

Barn Light Electric  While you might not make the leap from Barn Light to Chandelier  immediately, give this site a look . It has perfect chandeliers for the barn vernacular look along with many other unique lighting styles, too!

Lighting New York  If you’re familiar with lighting companies (and big names in the lighting industry such as Visual Comfort, Feiss, Thomas O’Brien, etc) you’ll find them all represented here!

Circa Lighting  You’ll find names such as Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Home at this company. The chandeliers are “simply brilliant” but sometimes, so are the prices. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I would be remiss if I left out the catalog companies Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs. All of these companies carry chandeliers perfect for a post and beam home. I have purchased lighting from each of these companies and have been very happy with all of them!


If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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