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For over 50 years, Yankee Barn Homes has been designing and building custom post and beam homes built with the finest materials for durability, weather protection and energy conservation.

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Hill House

Hill House is a combination of the Mid Century Modern style popular in the mid 1900’s and 21st technology advancements in everything from structural support techniques to energy efficiency.

Conceived in the United States, Mid-Century Modern denotes a design style popular from the 1930s through the 1960s. Characterized by a contemporary, futuristic aesthetic with an emphasis on function, the Mid-Century Modern movement influenced many types of design. While today’s mid century builds remain true to the original style, they have evolved to include new materials as well as benefits of current technology. Energy efficient systems such as heat pumps, solar panels and more, are paying dividends in power consumption. New homes are built wired with Category 6 wire, anticipating the mass roll out of 5G service. A control panel or an app on your phone controls your lighting, plumbing, fixtures and more. Many appliances are now Wi-Fi receptive. Hill House is a fine example of melding past with present for a brighter future.


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Designing and building your barn house starts with research. There are many factors to consider, and we are here to assist you with concierge-style service. Our in-house design team offers enthusiasm and support every step of the way. Work with an experienced team of professionals that will help you through the pre-design, design, and construction processes until you have the barn house of your dreams. With dedicated support and a passion for beautiful design, Yankee Barn Homes delivers a smooth process from start to finish.
Are you ready to start designing your new home? Learn more about our post and beam barn home kits to find the perfect solution for your dream design. When you need a team you can trust to turn your vision into reality, turn to Yankee Barn Homes. Speak to our team by calling 800-258-9786 or click the button below to fill out a short form.

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