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Barn Home Plans: Floor Plan Friday a Hit on Facebook!

Barn home plans are hot! Even hotter is our recurring feature Floor Plan Friday on the Yankee Barn Homes Facebook page. If you haven’t yet Liked Us on Facebook, I strongly urge you to do so, if for know other reason than the great barn home plans we feature every Friday. If you’ve already Liked Us but haven’t been aware we post floor plans every Friday, be sure to check us out. We always post Floor Plan Friday early on in the…

Mid Century Modern Inspired post and Beam

Mid Century Modern Inspired Post and Beam

Mid Century Modern architecture in the American iteration, came about after World War II as a means to bring modernism to the post-war suburbs. Emphasizing structures with expansive glass and open floor plans, the style’s main goal was to open up interior spaces and bring the outdoors in. Many original Mid Century Modern homes used a post and beam architectural design to eliminate the need for bulky support walls…

Douglas Fir Post and Beam Homes

5 Things You Need To Know About Post and Beam Homes

1. Post and beam Homes Frame – What are the most important factors to consider? First, the quality and structural integrity of the wood in post and beam homes. We insist on using only the finest quality kiln dried Douglas Fir Structural Select or #1 grade wood for structural integrity and durability in our post and beam homes. We do not use green or unseasoned timbers and only source from members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.