Carriage Barn

Barn Doors Galore!

Barn doors come in all shapes and sizes. Interior, exterior, sliding, hinged, and stationary are just a few of the different styles we’ve used at Yankee Barn. If the barn door exists (and sometimes when it hasn’t), Yankee Barn has most likely incorporated it into one of our designs.

Bennington Cupola Night

The Cupola: Nobody Does It Better

The cupola is one of those architectural features some may think of as an “ornament” or an add-on. Well, at Yankee Barn Homes not only do we love the idea of the cupola, we design and create them like no other post and beam company. Seriously, we’re the only post and beam company out there that…

yankee barn

Exciting New Builds at Yankee Barn

We have some exciting new builds going on at Yankee Barn Homes. Although the two projects featured today are at the opposite end of the spectrum size-wise,  they are the perfect projects to showcase the custom capabilities of Yankee Barn Homes.  A classic Victorian style barn home we call The Mill River sits lakeside in…

small barn house

Small Barn House Plans

Small barn house plans are here! We’ve noticed how popular our barn house plans and barn home plans blog posts are, so we wanted to give those of you requesting smaller YBH house plans a post of your own. All the homes shown here are under 2650 square feet, some as small as 1142. For…