Hamptons Tours

Yankee Barn Homes has built over 15 homes in the Hamptons over the course of the past 15 years. We are opening up the doors to our latest design 58 Cove Hollow Road, East Hampton, NY so you can see first-hand the impeccable quality of a Yankee Barn Home. Our YBH team will walk you through the new house, explain the unique features of a Yankee Barn Home and answer any of your questions.

We are hosting these tours on May 23, 2022.

Webinar Series Topics

Current Market Conditions
  • Current housing market and demand
  • Challenges of logistics and lumbar costs
  • Benefits of building
The Design Process
  • Steps in the design process
  • Working with a builder and pricing
Construction Process
  • Build process
  • Shell Components
  • Selecting a builder
  • Construction plans and permitting
  • Delivery and completed shell package
  • Shell assembly on site
Creative trends and aesthetic decisions
  • Designing a new home
  • Trends in 2021 and lifestyle
  • What adds value
  • Energy efficiency