partial timber frame and hybrid are the same

Partial Timber Frame and Hybrid Builds Are One in the Same

Hybrid builds have become very popular in the timber frame industry. Yankee Barn Homes has been ahead of the game because we devised our True Panel ™ system back in the 1990’s. Since that time we have been building in the hybrid, or partial timber frame, tradition. Partial Timber Frame Flexibility Partial timber frame or…

Welcome to Small Mountain Home Foothill Folly, a Post and Beam Design

Post and Beam Foothill Folly  Foothill Folly is a small mountain style home currently under construction. The small home is a post and beam design inspired by our Hartford Carriage House. The floor plan is true to a carriage house plan, therefore the lower level contains a garage with storage space, a small entry, a…

Timber Frame Building

What to Expect from a Timber Frame Home Builder

Whether you’re building post and beam or panelized, Yankee Barn Homes is a leader in both. We have the capability to build full timber frame structures, hybrid post and beam homes and fully panelized houses. Every build is a custom, therefore you have options. You may choose to use one of our floor plans, use a floor plan as a springboard and customize it to suit, or you may create

How Timber Frame Effects Cost: Single Story Floor Plans, The Asheulot

A Timber frame, or post and beam construction as we often refer to it, is the perfect choice for anyone building a lodge or mountain home style. But how much timber frame should be used and how is the overall cost of the project effected by these choices? I’m going to kill two birds with one stone by explaining how your timber frame choices affect cost while simultaneously updating you on one of our newest builds, The Ashuelot Lodge.