YBH Go To Guru

Meet YBH Go To Guru Jennifer Hastings

The title of YBH Go To Guru is definitely NOT a joke when it comes to Jennifer Hastings. Jennifer’s official job title is Customer Representative, but in actuality what she does is so much more! Coming up on her three year anniversary with Yankee Barn, Jen is indispensable to both the customers and the staff. We fondly call her Jennifer Hastings, Trouble Shooter!

The Sutton Barn Lifestyle

At YBH we’re all about the barn lifestyle and our latest, The Sutton Barn, is no different. While YBH does indeed build post and beam homes, we also build really great post and beam barns/garages for a very competitive price! The Sutton Barn comes in at 24′ x 36′ of great storage space combined with a lot of fun. Why build ordinary, when extraordinary is also possible? Did someone say family gathering space, an impromptu dance or yes, even a game of basketball? Why yes, all these things become possible when you work with the team at YBH. But in case you’re thinking this is not a working barn, let me assure you, this beauty is tasked with many of the standard duties, too.