Prefabricated Contemporary Homes

With a company name like Yankee Barn Homes, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know we build more than barn style homes. We began building prefabricated contemporary homes approximately 30 years ago and have never looked back.

Today, we build as many contemporary home designs as we do barn style homes. We build custom designs tailored to each client’s vision.

The following homes are a sample of contemporary home homes Yankee Barn has built over the past 8 years.

Hill House

Hill House has become one of Yankee barn’s most inspiring prefabricated contemporary homes designs to date. Since it’s build in 2019, it has inspired seven other builds to date.

See floor plans and photos: HILL HOUSE

Bay  View

Bay View is a contemporary house with a twist, the floor plan is flipped to take advantage of the views of Shinnecock Bay.

See floor plans and photos: BAY VIEW


This build has more going on than first meets the eye. It was designed and built as a multi-generation dwelling for two sisters. They each have their own private spaces with a shared kitchen when they want to get together.

See floor plans and photos: BEACHCOMBER

Block Island

Block Island is a completely panelized prefabricated contemporary home plan, used as a second home. The home is built on pylons and meets the strict build restrictions for Block Island, RI.

See floor plans and photos: BLOCK ISLAND


Buell is a contemporary designed by architect James McChesney and refabricated by Yankee Barn Homes. It’s a fine example of a YBH-architect collaboration.

See floor plans and photos: BUELL


Hayfield is a thoroughly contemporary barn style home, complete with polished concrete floors on the first level. The home uses over-size windows and the simplicity of a rectangle foot print to achieve it’s modern exterior.

See floor plans and photos: HAYFIELD

Mad River Modern

Mad River is the Yankee Barn OG when it comes to an update on the Mid Century Modern design. This home embraces the concept of blurring the lines between indoors and out.

See floor plans and photos: MAD RIVER MODERN


The Montauk is a beach house that emulates the Mid Century Modern airy quality through the use of white. Both the exterior and interior use white as an overarching theme to set hte mood of the home.

See floor plans and photos: MONTAUK

Oyster Shores

One of the first prefabricated contemporary homes built at Yankee Barn since 2012, Oyster Shores brings a container home vibe to a partial post and beam frame design.

See floor plans and photos: OYSTER SHORES