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Panelized Homes: Your Questions Answered

Panelized Homes: Your Questions Answered

1. What is panelized construction?

In the high-tech approach known as panelized home construction, pre-engineered wall and roof sections are produced in factory-controlled conditions, then shipped complete to the building site for final construction. Yankee Barn Homes also includes windows factory-installed in the wall panels (exception, some specialty windows) as well as the TJI’s or LVL’s with Advantech subfloor for any second story living space. Some panelized manufacturers complete the on-site build via general contractors (professional home builders). This is the case with Yankee Barn Homes. It is the GC who completes the first floor deck once the foundation is in.

Panelized homes are a better-quality home than conventional stick framing thanks to better airtightness, better lumber quality, and more. If a builder looks at the full costs of a traditional stick frame home versus a panelized home built from prefab components, panelized homes can be less expensive. However, adding a partial or full timber frame to a design does increase cost, but this is equally true for stick frame homes that include timbered posts and/or beams.

Wall Panel Construction

2. What is a prefabricated panelized home package?

A panelized house package is a prefabricated home that typically includes a roof, wall panels, and floor systems that are first assembled in a factory, then delivered to the construction site. When building a panelized house package, the foundation is laid first, then the panelized walls, floors, and roof that were manufactured off-site are put into place.

Windows Installed                                                           Frame Cut

3. Is a panelized home the same as a modular home?

As stated in # 2, a panelized house package is a prefab home that typically includes a roof, wall panels, and floor systems assembled in a factory, then delivered to the construction site.
A modular home is made of one or more prefabricated modules that are grouped and/or stacked to form larger home structures. Modular homes are first completely factory-built in pieces. When complete, those modules are then loaded onto a truck and shipped to the construction site. This is why they are sometimes referred to as “factory-built” or “system-built” homes.

*To avoid confusion, remember that a modular home is not the same as a “mobile” or “manufactured” home, which are commonly called “trailer” homes because they can typically be hitched to a vehicle.

Panel Install                                                 Frame Going Up

4. Are panelized homes a good investment?

Yes, because:
A) You Can Build Panelized Homes Faster
Time is money, and panelized construction saves a lot of time compared to modular. Panelized homes can be put up in a matter of days, and they can be finished in as few as 16 weeks. Modular homes, on the other hand, typically take longer to complete. They also require special equipment to lift and place the modules on the home construction site.

B) Prefabricated Panels Create Less Waste
Both modular and panelized homes result in far less waste going to landfills, because much (or all) of the construction takes place in a factory. Lumber is cut by machine, which makes the measurements more precise, resulting in less lumber being wasted.

C) Panelized Homes are Stronger
When it comes to strength of construction, it’s hard to beat panelized homes. They’re built in a factory and precision engineered to be airtight and strong. Modular homes are constructed more like traditional stick-built homes, except that they’re completely built in a factory. Although they can be built with strong panels, most are not, which makes panelized a better option for strength.

Site Work 1                                                                      Site Work 2

D) Prefabricated Homes are Healthier
All prefabricated homes are either partially or entirely built in a factory, therefore, the materials aren’t subjected to rain and snow, which can result in mold, mildew or in extreme cases, rot.

E) Panelized Homes Offer Energy Efficiency
Panelized homes, especially those with the YBH True Panel System™, offer superior energy efficiency that can save homeowners on their heating/cooling bills.
Modular homes are also more efficient than traditional stick-built homes, but most don’t offer the same level of energy efficiency as panelized homes.

Specialty Windows Go In                                           Nearing Enclosure

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Homes, you may explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our Sales Representatives at 800-258-9786, or fill out this online form.


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