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The History Of Yankee Barn Homes

The History of Yankee Barn Homes

Yankee Barn Homes has been building in the post and beam timber tradition since 1969. Fifty-two years later, the company has become a main stay in the post and beam, partial post and beam, and panelized home construction industry.


Southold Barn

Emil Hanslin founded Yankee Barn Homes in the town of Mashpee, MA, while he developed the private community of New Seabury. Inspired by his equestrian wife, Suzie, the idea for a barn-style house was born. Employing repurposed timbers from vacant mills, Emil designed the first Yankee Barn Home, naming it the Mark I. Vaulted ceilings and lofted spaces defined the plan.

Emil and Suzie Hanslin

Yankee Barn Homes relocated to Grantham, NH in 1973 as Emil Hanslin had begun development of another private community. With the help of his son, Tony, Emil simultaneously ran the YBH company while developing the community of Eastman.

Yankee Barn Homes Factory Circa 1973

By this time, Emil had gained national recognition for both the environmentally conscious New Seabury development and his innovative barn house designs. He had been featured in Life magazine and recognized as one of the country’s top 100 influencers in the home build industry by Time Magazine.

1980s Yankee Barn Home Post and Beam Frame

In the early 2000’s, Tony Hanslin oversaw the innovative creation and trade marking for the panel system YBH uses to this day, the YBH True Wall™ and True Roof™ Panels. Recognized as one of the best panel systems in the industry, it remains a major player in Yankee Barn Homes’ ability to offer increased energy efficiency in each home it builds.

Bancroft Barn Home

Yankee Barn Homes passed to new ownership in 2012. Today, Paul Marinelli and Jeffrey Rosen continue to uphold the Yankee Barn Homes tradition of excellence while advancing the company brand. Yankee Barn Homes designs and builds in any architectural style, barn home to farmhouse, cottage bungalow to mountain lodge.

Grantham Lakehouse

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Homes, you may explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our sales representatives at 800-258-9786, or fill out this online form.


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