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Design Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Design Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Most Yankee Barn homes have gorgeous great rooms with vaulted ceilings and loads of light. Many also have smaller spaces or rooms where decorating can be a challenge. Sometimes they require more creativity than the larger rooms. We have a few ideas to help navigate the challenges of creating appealing smaller rooms.

Whether it is using bright paint on an accent wall, a dramatic art piece, or a busy-patterned wallpaper for the powder room, being bold can help a small space stand out. Boldness can help create an impression that lasts. Being bold can help make a small space appear larger. It may seem counter intuitive, but bold dark colors and/or shining metal accents can actually help to create a visually “large” impression of a space.
Boldness also applies to the furnishings of a room. Many people think small spaces need small furniture, but that isn’t always the case. Smaller pieces can actually make the space look off balance and create an awkward feel in a room. Using large rugs where most of the furniture can be placed on the rug is a great way to make a small space feel more open.

Classic Yankee Barn Master Bold Color Choice

Good design can help expand a small space vertically. For example, floor to ceiling shelving with doors and a mix of open and closed storage provides an illusion of space for our eyes. Hanging drapery panels as high as the wall allows can also add more height in a room.

Movable, convertible, flexible furniture is another design tactic that can help a small space stand out. By using flexible furniture such a Murphy bed or sleeper sofa that folds up when not in use, it frees up floor space and makes the space appear bigger. It also provides multiple uses for the room.

Bay View Flex Room

Mirrors are a small space’s best friend. Use them within a gallery wall or on a wall adjacent to a window to make the space seem larger and brighter. Be it decorative or large and installed, the power of mirror to make a small space feel open and airy is key.

Bay View small master bath with over-size mirror

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