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Diversity Of Architecture Is Our Strength

Diversity of Architecture Is Our Strength

The nuance of diverse architectural style is all in the details. Any home construction company can build a basic rectangle, but what happens from that point forward will determine the architectural style of the structure. Use vertical siding such as ship-lap or board and batten, add a sliding barn door, use evenly spaced small mullion windows and you have a Barn Style Home. Change the siding to horizontal clapboards, add a porch, use traditional windows spaced evenly along the facade, and you have a Farmhouse. Use wide board vertical siding, employ a steeper roof pitch, add large roof dormers and a period cupola, and you get a Carriage House. Change the siding to shingles, flatten out the roof pitch, deepen the overhang, add small dormers, probably a porch, keep the structure on the small side, and you have a Cottage. Use stucco with stone or brick accents and shingles (or terra-cotta tiles) on the roof, and you’re on your way to either English Country Cottage or Italian Villa. The exterior features you choose determine the exterior style of your home. At Yankee Barn Homes, the staff is highly skilled at assisting each potential homeowner in achieving the exact home desired. They are well versed in how to achieve numerous architectural styles. The proof is in our photos.

How Architectural Style Is Created

The following are a few examples of the different exterior appearance Yankee Barn homeowners have achieved based on their style preferences, using the same rectangular shape as a starting point.

The barn style is captured here through the use of vertical shiplap siding, a massive sliding barn door and the small windows which typify many New England barns.


Farmhouse is announced through the use of horizontal siding, an expansive wrap-around farmer’s porch, and evenly spaced windows.

Main Street Farmhouse


Lynnfield Farmhouse

A contemporary barn house is evident through its use of clean lines, large groupings of windows, horizontal clapboards or vertical shiplap siding and a New England style cupola.


A shingle style bungalow belies its large size using bump outs, shed roof dormers, front entry in a pseudo-Federal style (a nod to its New England Oceanside community location), and mullion windows in a classic 6 over 6 pattern.


This Yankee Barn’s cottage style is typified by the deep overhang of the roof, its smaller size, the cozy porch on the front, and the use of 2 roof heights.

Craftsbury Cottage

This Yankee Barn A-Frame home is a nod to the simple homes of U.S. Colonial times. As the home’s location is in an historic part of New England, there was a concerted effort the make the home blend with the surrounding history while maintaining its own identity.

Walden Pond

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