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Top House Design Trends For 2021

Top House Design Trends for 2021

Features like zen dens, she sheds,and smart mirrors made an impact in new home design in 2020. What are we encountering in 2021? Yankee Barn Homes is seeing a high demand for open floor plans, family gathering areas, quality of lifestyle (very popular since Covid), use of industrial and recycled materials, and the modern farmhouse barn.

2021 Trends in YBH House Design

1. Duel Master Suites

Consistently gaining in popularity in recent years, dual master suites are among the hottest amenities in new home design. Typically, we’ll include a primary master suite on the main level of the home while adding a more subdued, scaled-down version, either on the same level (opposite side of the house), or upstairs.
What’s driving the popularity of dual suites? The most important – and obvious – reason is the flexibility they provide for a variety of living conditions.

As multi-generation households become more common – and, with an increasing number of Americans sharing their space with parents, grandparents or adult children – builders are adding these dual master suites to new homes. The extra master suite can accommodate the needs of an elderly parent, in-laws, or an adult child deciding to stay permanently with the parents. They are basically scaled-down versions of in-law suites and are attractive when the need for that extra space – sitting room, kitchenette, separate entrance, etc. – isn’t there.

1st Floor Grantham Lakehouse

2nd Floor Plan Grantham Lakehouse

2. Family Fun Time: The Lounge/Loft

The Great Room is often a space for guests and friends. But today’s families who have children are also looking for a different space in the home, a designated family lounge.

This is the area where family can hang out, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company. Away from the noise and traffic in the kitchen and the living room, children can do their homework independently or with help from their parents. In the Family Lounge, the younger people can play/entertain friends and neighbors while being separate from the Great Room where adults gather.

Bay View Lower Level Family Room

Grantham Lakehouse Upper Level Family Room

3. The Kitchen Island

Design trends continue to feature the kitchen and its many accessories. A larger island means you can add an extra sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, or wine cooler. And for added style and flair, use a pop of color on the cabinets and stool cushions.

Bay View Kitchen Island

Lynnfield Kitchen Island

4. Industrial / Recycled Materials

What started as a style seen in converted lofts and other commercial areas converted to living spaces, industrial has moved to single-family urban, suburban, and rural homes. The style combines utilitarian design and worn, vintage materials like reclaimed wood and recycled materials and is characterized by the combination of raw materials like iron, wood (especially repurposed lumber), aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel, glass (both new and vintage or recycled), and recycled plastic for building materials.

Common elements include exposed brick or stone walls, concrete floors, exposed beams, unfinished or natural-looking wood and other materials, and stainless-steel accents. The no-frills look is common, particularly in the Mid-century Modern and Contemporary Farmhouse styles.

Southold Industrial and Reclaimed Elements

Hayfield Contemporary Barn

5. Contemporary Farmhouse

The Farmhouse style’s popularity is increasing, especially in its modern, transitional form: light – often white – vertical siding, metal roof or roof accents, shed dormers and bump-outs, clean lines with no frills, and a main-floor master suite rather than the more traditional second-floor master. Clean lines, the traditional welcoming porch, dormers, gable roof, and large, spacious kitchens hold universal appeal. The farmhouse is adaptable. Each of our designs differ. It can be quaint and folksy, stylishly modern, or chic and sophisticated.

Main Street Farmhouse

Springfield Farmhouse Barn

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