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Building The Home Of Their Dreams

Building the Home of Their Dreams

Post and Beam Living is pleased to feature a guest blogger this week. On behalf of Greystone Homes, Erica Simonetti has written a piece on a past client of Yankee Barn Homes. The homeowners were Michiganders who had lived in New England much of their adult lives. When they retired and moved back to Michigan, they wanted to take a piece of New England with them. They came to Yankee Barn to help them design and build the home of their dreams, the Clare Farmhouse.

Yankee Barn Homes designed the home and constructed the shell package. Greystone Homes completed the house once it was shipped to Michigan. We love great teamwork.


When the Lapham family decided to move back to Clare County to settle down and build the home of their dreams, we were honored to be contacted to help them.

Living in New Hampshire, the Lapham family wanted to bring back the style of a classic East Coast house to their home in Mid-Michigan. The family worked with Yankee Barn Homes of New Hampshire to create a vision of their post and beam dream home to be built in Clare County. Yankee Barn Design has named the design the ‘Clare Farmhouse.’ Yankee Barn Homes notes, “post and beam homes continue to gain popularity as one of the fastest and most efficient methods to build high-quality housing”.

Yankee Barn Homes reached out to us through our website to ask if we would be willing to help the family with the building of their new home. According to Yankee Barn Homes, “Greystone seemed like a great fit in that they were a large enough operation to help with all of the interior design and finishes. In our conversation it seemed like a good fit and that they would be great at working with a client out of state – both in communication and in assisting [the family] throughout the build.” We appreciate Yankee Barn Home’s dedication to building with the finest materials for weather protection and energy conservation – something that is integral to our building process as well. On a trip back to Michigan, the Laphams were introduced to our designs during a Parade of Homes and liked what they saw.
Using the design created by Yankee Barn Homes, and working closely with the Laphams, we were able to start construction on their previously purchased area of land. We agreed on the placement of the home on the land, poured a basement foundation, and completed the installation of flooring, cabinetry, and other finishing touches. Most structural elements were shipped to us from Yankee Barn Homes and we completed the build based on the design.

The Clare Farmhouse is “a nod to the 19th century farmhouses known as Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn, which were built one attached to the next.” The Big House portion of the home is the main section and includes the upstairs master bedroom, secondary bedrooms, main living space and kitchen. The Little House is designed as a master suite on the first floor for guests and the Back House refers to the mudroom and laundry room area while the Barn is the garage. According to Yankee Barn Homes, the white farmhouse and red barn combination is a classic color combination for this style of home.

The Laphams have been enjoying their new home, and Michigan, for two years.

It was a pleasure for Greystone Homes to be part of this building ensemble. Thank you to Yankee Barn Homes for contributing to this article.

Yankee Barn Homes has been designing homes since 1969. If you are interested in looking at their designs, please follow them on Facebook or Instagram and visit them at

Yankee Barn Homes works nationwide. They can collaborate with Greystone Homes to both design and build a structural shell, or just the build portion. When interacting remotely, they work with a client online and through virtual 3D meetings. Yankee Barn Home’s structural engineer is licensed in every state so they can provide everything from the concept design through the stamped structural foundation and build plans. When working on just the build, they utilize the design provided by the client or Greystone Homes and determine how to panelize the home. About 95% of their builds are done remotely – it’s their specialty!

By Erica Simonetti

See Floor Plans for Clare Farmhouse

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Homes you may explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786, or fill out this short online form.


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