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YBH Client Interview: Megan And Steve Price

YBH Client Interview: Megan and Steve Price

Yankee Barn Homes recently had the pleasure of speaking with Megan and Steve Price about their new home, the Proctor Farmhouse. Post and Beam Living has featured their home several times on our blog and multiple times on our social media pages. In this interview, we spoke with Megan and Steve about their experience with our product and our staff.

YBH: Why did you decide to use Yankee Barn Homes as your home builder?

Megan and Steve: After much time spent in back-country and national park lodges, the decision to build a timber frame home came easily for our family. It just fit our personalities.

Once the decision was made, we did what seemed to be endless research on various builders across the country. We finally narrowed our list to 2-3 builders in the New England area; we decided staying local was important to us. We visited a few Yankee Barn Homes and spoke with the owners, and everyone had so much praise.  No other company matched the personal recommendations or reviews of YBH

In the end, in addition to amazing personal recommendations, it came down to the energy efficiency and ease of construction process we saw with YBH. Selecting Yankee Barn Homes was the best decision we could have made.

YBH: Tell us about your experience with Yankee Barn Homes. Did you come to us with your design already imagined? Did it go through multiple iterations?

Megan and Steve: We had SO MANY iterations, Chris Sevigny was probably rolling his eyes every time my name popped into his inbox.  We had a vision in our head based on plans we liked or homes we visited, but we did not yet have the lot that we would eventually build on.

After we purchased the land, we had to make changes to best utilize our site. For example, moving the garage to underneath the house, changing the location of the chimney to avoid a giant footer in the middle of the now garage, changing windows and doors to accommodate chimney move, etc.  Throughout the entire process the YBH team was patient, understanding, and made helpful recommendations based on experience.  We found the YBH recommendations very helpful.

Megan and Steve: From our very first visit to the model home in NH, through our search for the perfect location, to our move in, YBH always provided the right amount of information and guidance to make informed decisions. Yankee Barn was never being burdensome, nor did they leave us with unanswered questions.

Everyone we interacted with was pleasant, patient, knowledgeable and willing to share his or her experience for our benefit.  YBH made every decision and step in the process as painless as possible, and the result is our beautiful, energy efficient “forever” home.

YBH: What were your MUST HAVES when designing your new home?

Megan and Steve: The Farmers porch was Megan’s must have, while having high ceiling in the master bedroom was important to Steve. The things that were important to us both were a first-floor master bedroom, LOTS of natural light, an open floor plan, a screen porch, a large kitchen, and energy efficiency.  We also wanted a home with large enough but not overwhelming square footage, so it would meet the needs of our young family now, while not overwhelming us in 15 years when we are empty nesters.

The flexible spaces, such as the first floor “den” and the second-floor loft, were important to us when thinking about a forever home.  For example, we currently use the second-floor loft area as Steve’s guitar room and Megan’s office (not at the same time though, Ha Ha Ha).  In the near future we can see that area becoming a teen space for our 9-year-old son.  Our design has the flexibility to easily switch purposes as needed.

YBH: How likely would you be to recommend Yankee Barn Homes to those looking to build a new home?

Meagan and Steve: We are the most avid advocates for YBH.  We would recommend YBH a million times over if given the chance.  If anyone reading this wants to come visit, you are more than welcome!  We can easily say that Yankee Barn Homes is by far one of the best companies we have interacted with, across any industry. and can certainly recommend YBH without any hesitation.

Furthermore, the actual product is amazing. Since the day construction began, total strangers have stopped in to ask us about our “beautiful” home, and our neighbors tell us that people on the street affectionately refer to our home as “the barn”.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Homes, you may explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786, or fill out this short online form.


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