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The White Barn At Hammersky Vineyards

The White Barn at Hammersky Vineyards

The white barn at Hammersky Vineyards has received a lot of press. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! All of it good and completely deserved. This YBH barn plays a central role in many special events at Hammersky Vineyards.

The White Barn at Hammersky

Located in the wine region of Paso Robles, CA, Hammersky  is far more than a vineyard. It’s a quaint inn, a vineyard offering award winning wines, and it is an event venue. The latter is where Yankee Barn Homes is honored to play a role. We designed and fabricated the barn that is now reaching icon status. It’s been featured in thousands of Pinterest posts, photographed countless times for special events large and small, and last spring it made the cover of Country Living magazine (Party ‘Til The Cows Come Home)!

Through it all, the white barn remains a humble structure, and therein lies it’s charm. A down-home aesthetic allows it to be the perfect backdrop for numerous events, from weddings to charity fundraisers. Whether the event is a small gathering or a grand occasion, the white barn can take on the persona required for each party it hosts. There’s just something about a barn and a party. Much like a fine wine with the right cheese, it’s the perfect pairing.

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Photography by Allyson Magda Photography

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