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What draws you in when looking at Yankee Barn Homes? The immediate response is the way our post and beam homes make you feel. From the smaller lodge/cabin styles to the larger barn/farmhouse styles, our homes convey warmth and comfort.

While a stick built home can also appear beautiful, that appeal may only be skin deep. A post and beam home is thoroughly crafted from stem to stern, and your response to the exterior is only the beginning. There is good reason why post and beam architecture has existed for centuries. It is externally and internally solid. While its roots are in the past, a timber frame home is uniquely qualified to handle modern day living. For example, a post and beam home is ready-made to support passive energy. The timber frame allows for an open floor plan, optimizing the function of passive energy. Think unfettered airflow. Externally, the post and beam structure allows for great expanses of glass, which allow the sun’s warmth to stream in.

Post and beam homes are equally comfortable on rural build sites or within established neighborhoods, even those with strict HOA covenants. There are over 200 Yankee Barn Homes built in the private community of Eastman, in Grantham, NH. While timber frames are striking, they possess an aesthetic that appeals to even the most conservative HOA: clean lines, rich yet subtle wood tones, and the capacity to adapt to any external design standard. Whether the exterior needs to meet strict HOA requirements or not, the interior is completely up to the homeowner. With a post and beam home, the interior layout, design, and finishes are unlimited.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from building a YBH post and beam is the growing awareness homeowners acquire regarding the craftsmanship that goes into their home.  The expertise of the people making their custom design a reality becomes apparent as clients traverse our build process. YBH homeowners often tell us our staff is impressive. They highlight our knowledge, precision, and attention to design as top-notch (pun intended).  They also discover no detail is too small and YBH stands behind every product we use. In turn, the YBH staff knows each client by name. We are often aware of their back-story and feel like family by the time a project completes. Holiday cards, photos, hand written letters, and phone calls often go back and forth for years. We would not want it any other way!

NOTE: the photos included with this article are of The Barnstable. It is a partial post and beam house located in a highly regulated coastal island community. More photos and floor plans

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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