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Yankee Barn Homes 2018 In Review

Yankee Barn Homes 2018 In Review

It is tradition at Yankee Barn Homes for Jeffrey Rosen, co-owner and Creative Director at YBH, to write a Year In Review/What Lies Ahead piece as December draws to a close. This year’s letter is filled with updates on 2018 and what is around the corner in 2019.

Dear Post and Beam Living Reader,

2018 has been a growth year at Yankee Barn Homes. We have continued in our founder, Emil Hanslin’s innovative principles to create well built, energy efficient, panelized post and beam homes. These homes are domestically produced, designed and fabricated in our Grantham, New Hampshire faculties. We are proud to be a small-scale company that allows custom flexibility while preserving quality control.

For 2019, we see an extension in this growth inspired by the understanding/need for prefabricated housing, the tightening building/labor markets, and the desire for quality control.

Our sales and marketing office will expand our new, recently-launched website. They will chronicle the story of our new Grantham, New Hampshire model home, The Springfield barn home. They will extend their work enlarging the Yankee Barn Homes footprint across the United States. Sign up for updates on The Springfield model home project HERE

Our design department will work to refine the homes in our current design library as well as expand the requests we receive from clients for new concepts. See The Montauk and The Cabot Barn Home.

Our production shop will advance and fine-tune our panel systems while incorporating the latest in new product technology. They will configure panel shapes and designs to keep up with the ever-changing home designs we create. Every YBH home, regardless of its inspiration, is a custom designed structure. For example, our current design, BAY VIEW 

Most exciting, 2019 brings the celebration of our 50-year anniversary as a post and beam building company. Watch for the unfolding of anniversary related news starting 2/14/19, the official half century mark for our company.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeffrey Rosen

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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