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Yankee Barn Bunkhouse Split Rock

Yankee Barn Homeowner Interview: Split Rock Bunkhouse

Yankee Barn Homes has the pleasure of speaking with Mark and Karen about their new build, the Split Rock Bunkhouse. Post and Beam Living has previously featured their bunkhouse twice on our blog. Today we hear Mark and Karen speak about their experience with our product and our staff.

Meet The Split Rock Owners

YBH: Why did you decide to use Yankee Barn Homes as your home builder?

Mark: I had done a lot of research on prefab and timber frame builds. I wanted a timber frame home that was a barn style structure. We chose someone else for our first build. Our experience was okay, but just okay. With the second build, we decided to try Yankee Barn Homes. When we visited YBH we were blown away by their ability to create what we wanted. We had the option to choose as much or as little timber as we wanted and needed.
Karen: Mark did the research. We tried another system for the barn, and wanted to try YBH for the bunk house build. Even though we’d gone with a different company for the barn, we remained very intrigued with YBH. From our first visit to the factory, we were very impressed with everyone as well as and the product. YBH makes the process easy. We loved it.

YBH: Can you tell us about your experience with Yankee Barn Homes?

Mark: We experienced great communications – excellent feedback – Kerri was exceptional. Jen was fabulous because she thoroughly knew the entire process. She also knew where to send us to get more in-depth information. Chris was great when the house went into production. I never felt like I was being handed off; YBH has a smooth process and we were informed every step of the way. There was nothing secret when I came to visit; I was told and shown everything.
Karen: Jennifer Hastings was fabulous in our initial contact. We then made an appointment to visit. Jen had it covered; she was ready for us and took us through everything. Once we were in design, we were very impressed with the YBH engineering department. My husband brought our builder, who had built timber frames in Alaska, so Bill knew what to ask. Bill was extremely happy with the responses he got from YBH. An added bonus is YBH offers supervisors for a project.
I love the product and the windows – they function beautifully. The True Wall and True Roof panels are amazing. Our electrician, air conditioning sub-contractor and plumber all love the YBH product.
I also want to mention, a Yankee Barn is a solid home! My parents built a few years back and their home does not hold a candle to the solidness of our bunkhouse!

Mark: May I tell you a few things I’ve noticed? YBH: of course.
Mark: You are getting more current on your website, that’s great. A suggestion – Stress your customization skills, the fact your clients can completely customize or take a standard home and make adaptions, or may use a previously designed home. You offer a service many others do not. Tell the world about it, right at the top of your website!
We LOVED the gifts you had for us when we visited. On Valentine’s Day, you sent us heart-shaped cookies. Those little personal touches make a big difference.

YBH: What did you find especially satisfying about working with YBH?

Mark: Kerri would tell me the process every step of the way – she explained I would work with her, and then work with Ben, and on to Chris. Kerri and YBH are very good at explaining the process from start to finish.
Karen: The YBH follow up is excellent. Gifts are thoughtful and very nice! What a nice touch.

YBH: What were your MUST HAVES when designing your new home?

Mark: Quality of product, accurate pricing, flexibility, timeliness of building, and ease of construction. Yankee Barn Homes was spot-on with everything.
Karen: An open space that is completely usable. Our past product made it very hard for furniture placement. YBH engineering makes it possible to lose the need for posts every so many feet. We were not locked in to certain dimensions.
The YBH window choice was excellent. Even when I wanted something specific, YBH responded with a resounding, “Yes, we can do it”.

YBH: How likely would you be to recommend Yankee Barn Homes to those looking to build a new home?

Mark: Have someone call me. I would absolutely recommend YBH.
Karen: Highly. We already have! We talk about YBH all the time. I am a total convert to Prefab. I am now a true believer in the prefabrication process!

Note from Karen: The door on the bunkhouse is not the permanent door. It’s still on it’s way. The white one is temporary.

YBH: It’s okay, Karen, we like the sign on the door!

A big Thank you to both Mark and Karen! Client feedback is imperative to our continued commitment of improving all things Yankee Barn Homes.

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If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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