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Full Post and Beam Home Update: Clare Farmhouse

The last time we saw this full post and beam house plan, it was hot off the drawing boards. It’s been awhile since we checked in on the Clare Farmhouse. This doesn’t mean there’s been no activity.  Quite the contrary!

New England and The Midwest in a Show of Force

Here is how The Clare Farmhouse came to be. A couple who were about to retire and move to the Midwest, came to Yankee Barn Homes. They had lived in New England most of their adult lives. Loving both areas, they wanted a new home which combined the sturdy architecture of New England with the rural farm style of the Midwest. Yankee Barn Homes is a custom-design post and beam kit company, therefore we could make the homeowners’ wishes a reality. The couple wanted a full post and beam home, but didn’t want soaring vaulted ceilings throughout the first level. They wanted a true farmhouse style on the main level with vaulted ceilings on the second floor. No problem.

The trucks rolled onto the build site late last summer, with the post and beam frame (precut, ready to be fitted together) and the YBH True Wall™ and True Roof™ Panels.  Within two weeks, Kelly Wall of Greystone Homes, LLC had the Clare Farmhouse up and enclosed. The breeze-way went up followed by the three-bay garage. Speaking of the garage, note the unique design for the third bay. It is designed to appear like an added shed roof dormer. This allows the style of the farmhouse to feature a variation on the New England tradition of big house, little house, back house, barn. The full post and beam home took shape quickly and efficiently.

As the cold months of fall and winter arrived, the farmhouse house exterior was done.  The porch, back deck and walkways had been finished. It was time to head inside and tackle the interior. Flooring went in while the kitchen and bathrooms got underway. Snow flew as hammers swung. Yankee Barn Homes received photos from Greystone Homes several months ago. Wow, what a story they told. This full post and beam farmhouse had come a long way in under a year’s time. Under 12 months is considered lightning speed in the build industry!

To view floor plans and renderings please visit The Clare Farmhouse


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