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Cove Hollow By Yankee Barn And Gerard Mingino

YBH Interviews Our General Contractors: Gerard Mingino

The second article in the series YBH Interviews our General Contractors takes us to the great state of New York. We’ll be speaking with Gerard Mingino. Gerard is a general contractor on Long Island, specifically in the area known as The Hamptons. Jeffrey Rosen, Creative Director at YBH, first worked with Gerard years ago when they partnered to renovate an older Hamptons home. From there, they moved on to build their first Yankee Barn Home. Since then Gerard has continuously worked with YBH and is currently building his 10th Yankee Barn home.

YBH Interviews Gerard Mingino

YBH: Please tell us a bit about yourself.

GM:  I’ve been in the building business for over 30 years. I started as a carpenter and evolved from doing small projects to renovating houses. I have since become an active general contractor in The Hamptons. I love it when I get to build a Yankee Barn Home.

YBH: Why do you love building a YBH?

GM:  Panelized homes are great, particularly YBH homes. I love the product, myself. When YBH delivers, I have a house standing within a few weeks and weather-tight. I’m not governed by the weather like I would be on a stick-build project. Each time I’ve built with YBH, it’s been a smooth process from start to finish.

YBH: Have you experienced any preconceived negativity toward prefabricated builds? 

GM:  People who aren’t in the build industry confuse prefab with modular. Prefabricated or panelized homes are not modular homes. Today’s prefab has come a long way from what it was originally. Everything on a panelized home can be done the same way as on a conventional build – only much faster and with far less waste. Clients appreciate the perks offered with today’s prefabricated builds, i.e., faster up/enclosed, less product waste and higher R-values. A Yankee Barn home is really a custom-designed home.

YBH: Are the energy-efficient green building techniques of Yankee Barn Homes an added value?

GM:  Yes, when we use the YBH True Wall™ and True Roof™ panels (which arrive on site built and insulated), even the inspectors we use on Long Island are happy. YBH meets the stringent regulations for our area.

YBH: Do your clients feel their house is prefabricated or custom by the time you complete the build?

GM:  My clients are totally impressed their house began life as a panelized building. They enjoy telling friends their custom home began on the YBH factory floor.

YBH: What would you want your YBH clients to know before beginning their project? 

GM:  As a client of YBH, you’ll have the option to have a hands on experience designing your home. My clients appreciate the ability to use the 3-D imagery to see and walk through their home before one post or beam has been cut. And they can view their home and attend a design meeting from the convenience of their home or office.

YBH: What do you like best about your work experience with Yankee Barn Homes?

GM:  As a whole, the construction business is hard, sub-contractors are hard; it’s a nice reprieve when I’m able to work with the staff at YBH. From Jen Hastings to Kerri Terwilliger to Jon and Chris Sevigny; everyone is as great as the product.

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