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Partial Post And Beam

Partial Post and Beam Plan The Wildwood Progresses

Hybrid or partial post and beam has become a popular option in today’s world of timber framing. Yankee Barn Homes uses specialized equipment in the construction of our True Wall™ and True Roof™ panel system, thus allowing our clients to place timber framing where it’s wanted, but not necessarily throughout the home. Our high performance panel system joins with timber framing where present, or stands alone as an independent structural component when timber is not desired. These houses are called hybrid or partial post and beam homes.

One of our newest single level floor plans, The Wildwood, is the perfect example of a partial post and beam home. We first featured this plan last year. Since then, the house has been through factory production, arrived on site, and gone up. Not only gone up, but is now a hair’s breadth from completion. It’s currently being appointed with all the final touches. This home is yet another custom build by Yankee Barn Homes in the hybrid timber framing category. We thought you’d enjoy seeing how far The Wildwood has come in under a year’s time.

The Wildwood plan can meet the needs of different living situations. It’s a great design for a family of three or four, the perfect retirement house, or an excellent layout for a second home. The main hub is the centrally located post and beam section with the two panelized wings on either end providing bedrooms and baths. The total living space is 1,819 square feet, with the garage adding another 628 square feet. While this house is considered small, a Yankee Barn home never appears or feels cramped. The lack of walls and a vaulted ceiling in the central post and beam section allow for an abundance of natural light and open traffic flow patterns.

To see more on this house and/or to download floor plans, please visit: The Wildwood

To read more about our True Wall™ and True Roof™ panel system please visit HERE

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