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YBH Interviews Our General Contractors: Hazley Builders

Welcome to the first installment of YBH Interviews Our General Contractors series. Over the next few months we’ll speak with the general contractors most often chosen by YBH clients to build their homes. The G.C.’s job is to complete the on-site build of the Yankee Barn shell package. Our first interview is with Hazley Builders. They are a multi-generation family business offering excellence (and we mean excellence) in build capabilities and craftsmanship.

YBH Interviews Michael Hazley


YBH: How do you feel prefabricated builds differ from stick builds?

MH: They are great; much different from a traditional stick build. We enjoy it when we get to do something like this. The entire package comes together extremely well; it’s a much more systematic build. The YBH packages also go up much faster.

YBH: Have you experienced any preconceived negativity toward prefabricated builds?

MH: Generally, yes; but I don’t consider YBH to be a prefab build, at least not in the general sense. I consider them to be custom homes, so any negative connotation that comes with the word “prefab” doesn’t apply to the YBH package.

YBH: Are the energy efficient green build technologies of Yankee Barn Homes an added value?

MH: Yes. I like the YBH True Wall™ and True Roof™ panels that come with solid foam insulation. They give the house a very tight seal. Our heating and air conditioning subcontractors enjoy them because they are simple to work on. That’s a true added benefit to me.

YBH: Do your clients feel their house is prefabricated or custom by the time you complete the build?

MH: Our clients feel their Yankee Barn Homes’ are fully custom. There isn’t even the thought their home is a prefabricated build. They feel its custom from the beginning of production all the way through to the final touches that complete their home.

YBH: What would you want your YBH clients to know before beginning their project?

MH: Anything I would have to tell them they pretty much already know from going through the YBH design process. That being said, I’d like them to know about the heating systems that work best in these types of homes. Radiant heating in the floors is an excellent choice for homes with big volume vaulted ceilings. It works well in a Yankee Barn home.

YBH: What did you like best about your work experience with the YBH team?

MH: Everything was great. The YBH Supervisor was excellent. He got right in there and swung a hammer when needed; he knew his stuff. YBH staff Jennifer Hastings, Kerri Terwilliger and Chris Sevigny were fantastic. They sent photos of the trucks when they shipped out. Sure enough, the trucks arrived the next day. We knew where the process was every step of the way. The YBH social media even played a role for us. We saw an uptick when YBH posted photos of our joint project.

Editor’s Note: If you would like to learn more about Hazley Builders, please visit their website: Hazley Builders

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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