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Timberframe Home Plan

New Age In Place Timberframe Home Plans

Yankee Barn Homes is at the forefront of the age in place home build movement. So much so, every one of our newest timberframe home plans is considered an age in place design. Growing older in your home comfortably and safely is not a luxury in today’s world, it’s a necessity. It’s also not just older clients planning these homes. Ninety percent of the plans featured have been designed by YBH with clients who range in age from their 30’s to their 50’s. They are planning for the future while creating homes that are equally beautiful and functional now. You just can’t beat good design!

Age in Place Timberframe Home Plans

Downing: Full timberframe home; 1870 square feet. Learn more

Dunbar Hill: Partial timberframe; 1182 square feet. Learn more

Eastman House: Full timberframe; 1830 square feet. Learn more

Lexington: Full timberframe; 2402 square feet. Learn more

Rockport: Full timberframe home.; 2509 square feet. Learn more

Tisbury: Partial timberframe; 2983 square feet. Learn more

Walden Pond: Partial timberframe; 1467 square feet. Learn more

Wildwood: Partial timberframe; 1819 square feet. Learn more

Yankee Barn Homes recommends the following items for your consideration when outfitting an age in place timberframe home: Curbless showers, a built-in shower bench, handheld showers, door levers (as opposed to latch handles or knobs), bar pulls on cabinets, lever or Touch Sensitive faucets, pantry and cupboard pullout shelves, smart appliances (alert you when something is left on), stair lights, and an elevator.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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