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Yankee Barn Kitchen Trends

Yankee Barn Kitchen and Bath Trends

Yankee Barn Homes has front row viewing of popular trends in two of the most important rooms in the house; the kitchen and bath. While we’re not involved in the interior design portion of home building, our clients (and sometimes, their decorators) have done some spectacular things with these rooms. Here are a few of the latest trends we’re seeing.

Yankee Barn Kitchens

First, let’s talk color. Dark-stained wood has given way to solid colors. White remains very popular, as well as gray. White and gray are often used in various combinations and look great against the warm hues of a post and beam frame. Also, cool colors are making their way into the kitchen palette; light blue is very popular as an accent. Stained woods like oak or maple, on the other hand, are on the back burner. YBH homeowners don’t want them competing with the beauty of the timber frame.

Natural lighting is also a key factor in kitchen design. Some builders are removing the over-the-sink window. However, we find our clients like the window. As the sink space is usually adjacent to a dining or family area with large areas of glass, natural light is provided from multiple sources. “There’s too much light in this kitchen” said no one, ever!

Appliances are moving toward simplification. User-friendly is a key term. Gone are the appliances with advance degrees in operation-skills required. New appliances are being offered in a variety of colors including (you guessed it) gray and white. Yes, white appliances are making a comeback. They are doing so with better finishes and more style than the old basic white fridge. The stainless trend is slowing a bit and being replaced by slate-colored appliances. We’re finding our clients lifestyle has become more casual as home life has become more informal. We’re seeing a move toward kitchens which are user friendly, open, and operator-simple.

Yankee Barn Baths

Current bathrooms can be summarized in a tale of two clientele; tub or no tub. For the longest time, the tub group ruled the day. The owner’s bath had to have a soaking jetted tub, surrounded by a sea of tile decking. This shouted “luxury”. The lowly shower was often overlooked and pushed into a corner, more utilitarian than luxurious. Then the tub group evolved. They grew weary of the large space required for the tub and tile deck. Instead they choose to allocate more space to the shower. The tub would now be sleek and freestanding and share the stage with the shower.

The no-tub group is more radical and decided a tub was not necessary. They no longer wanted to clean (or pay for) a tub they never used. Despite heavy resistance from realtors (“It will never sell in this market”), the no-tub group carried on and eliminated the tub altogether. The shower now takes center stage and becomes much larger, with multiple heads, sprays, and steam. The shower may even be door-less, eliminating the need to clean glass.

A winning design needs to start with good planning. This is where Yankee Barn’s team really shines. YBH design staff is tuned in to the needs of clients to make these spaces everything they want. We help our clients focus on making kitchens and baths simple, clean, and user friendly. By keeping these principles in mind, we’ll help you when it comes time for you to create a great design that’s customized to you.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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