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Main Street Farmhouse Creative Process

Main Street Farmhouse: The Creative Process

In Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Stefanie and Andrew Martin, we met this engaging couple and learned about their Main Street Farmhouse design. They are the husband and wife creative force behind both the farmhouse and Yankee Barn Homes’ popular Moose Ridge Lodge plan. Today we’re speaking with Stefanie about how their design process works, what inspires them, and how they turn their ideas into reality.  HINT: it takes time, perseverance and the ability to make concessions. And Yes, Pinterest is involved.

Finding Ideas and Inspiration for the Farmhouse

Post and Beam Living: How Do You Decide on Your Exterior Style?

Stefanie: We drive around and travel – constantly looking at things we like; we call it house watching.

Post and Beam Living: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Stefanie: I’ve built a good size library of house features, and I do love Pinterest. I like to pull ideas from lots of pictures and make something my own.

Post and Beam Living: What’s the Process When You and your Husband Collaborate?

Stefanie: Andrew and I started dating in high school  and we have always loved the creative architectural side of things. He went to school for drafting and I majored in marketing and business. We have always been on the move; by boat, we checked out houses all around Lake Winnipesauke for years. We spent hours on our motorcycle (before kids) and did the same. We talked about what we liked and what we would do differently.
When doing a project, there are times Andrew will say “draw it for me”. I love to draw. He will explain what he is thinking and I draw it; usually with a few extras that are my wish items. He tells me it’s too much to do it like that, then miraculously figures out a way to make it look like my drawing.
Sometimes, in the middle of the project he’ll give me a few thoughts and we work it out together in real-time. Occasionally, we’ve used Facetime or photos (when I’m not at the site).

Post and Beam Living: We’ve included several project photos Stefanie and Andrew have worked on for the farmhouse. The guest bath sink, the dining room table, the staircase treads and rail, the kitchen pantry door  and the garage door pergola are a few examples. Each would have been cost prohibitive to have commissioned and custom-made for the farmhouse. Instead, each was custom designed and created by the homeowners, themselves. Chip and Joanna Gaines couldn’t have done better!

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