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Main Street Farmhouse: Yankee Barn In-Stock Program

In part one of our interview with Stefanie Martin, half of the power couple who own and built both the Main Street Farmhouse and Moose Ridge Lodge, we hinted at an interesting story behind how she and her husband Andrew came to own the Main Street Farmhouse. YBH is trying out and will likely expand a program called the In-Stock Program. The program utilizes our popular small home designs. We will be rolling out two new in-stock designs in the next month. Stef and Andrew bought one of our very first trial in-stock homes.

Stef and Andrew Buy an In-Stock Yankee Barn

Stefanie: Yankee Barn had a small kit on the lot that they were looking to sell. It was a cottage design. Andrew got the drawings, redesigned and expanded the plan to incorporate a master suite and a two-car garage. Our existing house sold and a perfect property was available; everything fell into place.

Cost was a huge factor – we wanted to achieve a designer look but not blow our budget.  As the house was about 2300 sq. feet, we could achieve more detail and do a few more upgrades. This would not have been possible if we had more square footage. Our budget was a finite thing; straying from it was NOT an option.

I LOVE to cook. I actually had already bought my oven before we had a hole in the ground. When we were designing the house, we planned for the kitchen to be the central area. We wanted to have a space that was highly functional yet retain a cozy farmhouse style. I wanted all of the bedrooms and laundry upstairs so toys and clothes would never be in the main living area. It has worked out amazingly well. Our master suite has the laundry room connected to our closet. Let me tell you, it’s the most amazing thing ever. I can’t recommend this configuration highly enough!

As is human nature, we see these gigantic homes/spaces online and think they are awesome. But seriously, how much time do you have to clean all of it? I don’t have that kind of time, or desire to spend that kind of time cleaning. Nor do I want to spend the money it costs to hire someone to clean. Beautifully detailed, scaled down spaces are easier to clean and look great. The Main Street Farmhouse is a perfect example of “not too big, not too small,  just right”!

Post and Beam Living: Join us again in two weeks when Stef addresses her creative process and how she and Andrew go about getting it for less.

NOTE: Read Part One of our Main Street Farmhouse interview

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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