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Main Street Farmhouse

Main Street Farmhouse: Fixer Upper Has Nothing on this Couple

The owners of The Mainstreet Farmhouse are not new to the world of Yankee Barn Homes. Andrew formerly worked for YBH and now is one of our recommended builders, and his wife Stefanie is his business partner and, frankly, a Wonder Woman. Seriously, she could give Joanna Gaines a real run for her money! Stef and Andrew are the force behind our most-loved small YBH home, Moose Ridge Lodge. They are currently working on their new Yankee Barn, The Main Street Farmhouse. As Stef’s design savvy and How-To knowledge are second to none, we recently sat down with her to talk all things Yankee Barn. We were especially interested in her unique vantage point of owner and builder. She has great insight into build projects; where to spend and how to save, being just two. Be sure to follow our Four-Part Series on The Main Street Farmhouse for good advice and great ideas.

Tell Us About You

Stefanie:  Andrew and I built our first home before we were married, in 2006. It was lovely but never truly showcased Andrew’s true craftsmanship. In 2009 we had the opportunity to build Moose Ridge Lodge. We wanted it to be a functional space for gatherings and large groups focused around family and entertaining on weekends. It has an industrial rustic barn feel with a bit of Northern NH flair . As much as we love it for our getaway, it’s not any everyday home that suits our growing family.

We decided in 2016 (after getting married and having two children) we wanted to sell our existing home and build our dream home. We knew we wanted a farmhouse feel; I just love it. Furthermore, we needed it to be totally functional for the way we live. Andrew and I run our business together and we have two growing girls. We travel on weekends therefore wanted something easy to maintain, inside and out. But we’re a young couple and needed to stick to our budget.

Post and Beam Living: Stefanie has a great story on how the farmhouse came to be theirs, and it’s one which will encourage other couples contemplating building a home. You’ll definitely want to check back on June 1st, as we’ll be talking with Stefanie about their purchase of a Yankee Barn Home through an inventory sale. Not to be missed!

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