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Barn Homes What Drives Cost

What Drives Cost at Yankee Barn Homes

Post and Beam Living recently sat down with Kerri Terwilliger, Design Project Manager at Yankee Barn Homes. We were eager to hear her expertise on what drives cost when building a Yankee Barn Home. As we expected, Kerri had extremely insightful information. She narrowed it down to four major areas and gave us great information regarding each one. We’re using a popular floor plan, Moose Ridge Lodge, comparing it to a brand new, more cost-effective design of the same floor plan, The Mason.

Four Elements Which Drive Cost

1. Massing 

Kerri: “This client loved the Moose Ridge Lodge plan but needed to save costs. To get the look and feel of the Moose Ridge without the extra custom options, I removed the angled front “prow” great room walls. In doing so, we saved on costly custom glazing as well as the cost of building an angle (which can increase the total build cost from foundation to roof). I also simplified some of the interior timber framing as well as the remainder of the windows.”

2. Timber

Kerri:  “A unique build technology that sets Yankee Barn Homes apart from other timber frame companies is our True Wall and True Roof panel system. Because of how we construct our panels, we have as much design flexibility as any custom home builder. With that, we can do hybrid timber frame options and play with just the right combination of timber to work both structurally and aesthetically. With the Mason design plan, I was able to really play with the timber frame that exists in the Moose Ridge design; eliminating some of the timber while maintaining the look and feel of the home, without the extra cost.”

3. Windows

Kerri: “Windows are particularly important to a home, both in energy savings and in aesthetics. It’s why we choose Marvin as our primary window choice – they build beautiful windows with great options AND energy ratings. It’s so important that the core of the home functions well for you, for years to come so choosing quality windows as well as energy efficient insulation is ultra-important. When I’m designing a home I always start by trying to design tasteful and beautiful homes with stock windows. Then, if the design and budget allow, we’ll play with window sizes, shapes, styles, features and options.”

4. Finish Materials

Kerri: “Most general contractors give you an allowance to work within for your finishes or, with their guidance, you may set one for yourself. If you stay within those allowances, you will stay on budget. Falling in love with custom finishes that exceed those allowances is the most common area where people get off track.”

Thank you, Kerri for the invaluable information.  We look forward to seeing the Mason go from drawing board to a finished home.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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