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Post And Beam Homes

Post and Beam Homes: The Clare Farmhouse

Post and beam homes continue to gain popularity as one of the fastest and most efficient methods to build high quality housing. This is just one of the reasons a retiring couple is building with Yankee Barn Homes. They also wanted to take a piece of New Hampshire and that good old Yankee ingenuity with them when relocating to the Midwest.

Next Gen Post and Beam Homes

The Clare Farmhouse is a creative design intended for this couple now, and to age in place in future. The floor plan includes a bedroom suite on the first level so the clients’ parents can live with them now (marked as guest room on the plans). The current master bedroom is on the second floor. The couple intends to age in place, so the first level bedroom suite will one day become their master bedroom. The design is ideal as the first level bedroom is removed from activity of the household, yet very close by and no stairs are involved. The couple intends to entertain visiting family, thus have incorporated additional bedrooms on the second level. They also have plans for expansion in the lower level at a future date. Post and beam homes make these flexible designs possible. Interior space is configured to suit individual needs.

Post and Beam Homes Exteriors

This home was designed to blend with its semi-rural midwestern surroundings while maintaining a touch of New England charm. The farmhouse style is a nod to 19th Century farmhouses know as Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn, which were built one attached to the next. In this modern version the Big House is the main building, the Little House is the elderly parents’ bedroom suite, the Back House is the mud room/laundry ell, and the Barn is the garage. The white farmhouse with red barn is a classic color combination.

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