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Barn House

A Barn House Summer

A barn house summer is a beautiful thing. I have the privilege of living in the Bennington barn house and as such, have a front row seat to the joys each season brings. Summer is the uniquely special time when I get to enjoy our post and beam barn both inside and out.

My husband and I have lived in our Yankee Barn house for six and one-half years. We’ve gotten to that point where we almost take this wonderful barn house for granted, but not quite. Every now and again when I come up the stairs, walk through a room, or take the dogs out for “last call” and see light streaming down from the cupola, I think “Wow, this truly is a special place”. My husband says the same thing happens to him.

The pictures featured in this post where shot two days ago. My intention was to walk you through an average summer day at the barn house. Our lifestyle is casual, we live in every single space of this house. Nothing is off-limits to humans or dogs; this includes rooms, furniture and yes, our gardens. The gardens were specifically planted with our four-legged “kids” in mind. There is not a flower bed, lawn, or wooded area they’re not allowed to run through. But, before you think I’m totally nuts, I do get perturbed when one of my favorite flowers gets trampled by them or the deer decide to give all the hostas a buzz cut!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I did not stage any of these photos. You’ll see a dog blanket scrunched into the corner of our couch, watering cans and hoses show up now and again, and a coffee cup sits on the Zen garden bench. This is our Yankee Barn house lifestyle and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy summer!

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