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Barn Homes Rebuild

Historic District Rebuild Gets Barn Homes Treatment

Yankee Barn Homes recently received the distinct honor of redesigning and rebuilding a seaside community home after it tragically burned. Due to its age and location in the historic district of a well-known New England coastal village, stringent guidelines for rebuilding were required. The exterior of the house needed to appear the same as it had always been. However, the homeowners used their misfortune to completely upgrade the interior floor plan. The new cottage design is a testament to Yankee Barn Homes’ ability to merge old and new seamlessly, allowing the house design to pass the historic district requirements while providing a 21st Century interior floor plan the homeowners wanted. Yankee Barn Homes and Post and Beam Living will have the distinct pleasure of following this build as it moves forward. We are very excited to see the new home go up and will chronicle it’s progress here.

Comin ‘n’ Goin

In the village, all historic district homes have names placed on quarterboards. I’m told the naming of the house and placing it on a quarterboard goes back to and ties in with old ship names; this particular cottage is Comin ‘n’ Goin.  The owners told us they came up with the name because “all the kids and guests are constantly coming and going!” Perfect name for a seaside home full of family and friends. The photo shown is the sign above the doorway prior to the fire.

Barn Homes Influence

Older homes in the Northeast are well known for their post and beam frames. Timber was plentiful and post and beam structures were and are extremely solid and sturdy; qualities in great demand, particularly with homes in coastal areas. Barn homes are constructed using a post and beam frame, therefore it’s not a stretch for Yankee Barn Homes to be considered when a historic house needs help. The fact that we are also capable of designing in any architectural style and have done historic rebuilds and additions in the past, makes us the perfect candidate for this type of project. Our ability to reproduce period homes combined with our panelized process done at the factory, means less on-site waste and less noise. Two important qualities when building in a busy summer community where homes are pretty much right on top of one another. We’re extremely pleased to have been chosen for such a unique and important project. Maintaining the country’s architectural history is an important job and we’re definitely up to the task.

Comin ‘n’ Goin gets Barn Homes Treatment

The house is scheduled to begin on-site erection very soon. We’ll be in touch with the owners and they will be sending us periodic updates. In the meantime, study the renderings and floor plans. It will make future articles all the more enjoyable as you watch Comin ‘n’ Goin come back to life!

NOTE: If interested in this floor plan, please refer to The Whaling Cottage floor plan.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form 


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