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Small Barn Home

Small Barn Home Orchard View

The small barn home has been a popular topic at Yankee Barn Homes. We’ve received major interest from a number of potential clients regarding post and beam timber frame designs which incorporate all the bells and whistles YBH is known for, but within a smaller foot print. We’ve heard you and are excited to be expanding in the area of barn home designs at and under 2000 square feet.

Orchard View: A Small Barn Home Custom Design

Orchard View is a smaller barn home at 1816 square feet with a completely customized floor plan. Our client is a single parent who incorporated input from each of the children as to their bedroom space, hence the uniqueness of the interior layout. You’ll notice one of the kids wanted their own personal loft area – no problem. This speaks to the ability of the YBH  design and engineering staff to create living spaces uniquely tailored to you. The flexibility of our post and beam homes is wide open. Your home will have the exact exterior architectural style you want with a floor plan you specify. We are truly a custom design home company.

Bearing the custom aspect of our floor plans in mind, say you love everything about Orchard View but you don’t have three children; your family  make up is completely different. No problem. Yankee Barn can do whatever you like with the floor plan to make it work for you. Consider it a blank canvas. If you’re like me and the idea of a blank canvas boggles the mind; no worries. The design and engineering staff are fantastic at what they do. You tell them what you like and they create it. You can virtually see and walk through your home before one post or beam is cut!

More Small Home Designs

Yankee Barn has a number of small home designs, some of which are on our website and more being added all the time. If you are interested in a small barn home build, please contact us by email or phone to find out more about what we offer in the small house design category.

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. Please provide me with a pdf file on this Small Barn home when available. Or simply notify your faithful followers via this blog when one is available..


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