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Barn House Staircase

Barn House Staircases: How Your Climb Effects Your Wallet

Barn house staircases are probably not the first feature that comes to mind when considering how and where to save money when building a home. And, you’d be right, the staircase is not a huge cost factor when building, but the different types of staircases do come with differing price tags. This article will help you discern which climb best suits your needs.

Material Choice

The type of material a barn house staircase is built from is the first place price comes into play. If your stairs are made of wood, the cost will differ depending on the type of wood chosen. If the stairs are constructed from metal, they will be more costly than most woods.

Straight vs Landings/Turns

Staircases are often treated as an architectural feature in a barn house. With many layouts, the staircase is one of the first elements seen upon entry, therefore many of us want our stairs to make a statement. The least expensive stair is one which is a straight flight. The more landings/ turns added, the higher the cost.

Turns vs Circular

While turns and landings are more costly than the straight flight of stairs, the most expensive style is the circular staircase. If a circular stair is your choice, be ready to pay for the wonderful architectural detail this style provides. In my opinion, a circular stair looks spectacular in a barn house, but I readily admit my bias when it comes to barn style homes!

Details and Special Features

If you want to include beautifully turned or specialty newel posts and/or balusters and railings, you can expect the cost of the staircase to increase, no matter whether you’ve chosen a straight, turned or a circular style.

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