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Cove Hollow Design By Jeffrey Rosen

Meet Jeffrey Rosen: Owner and Creative Director of Yankee Barn Homes

If you’ve visited Yankee Barn Homes website and/or social media pages over the last 4 years, you’re likely to have come across the name Jeffrey Rosen. As co-owner and Creative Director for Yankee Barn Homes, Jeffrey has designed all of the homes in our Hamptons Design Series, as well as several other projects including The Grantham Lakehouse.  We recently sat down to speak with Jeffrey and find out a bit more about him.

YBH: Tell Us a Bit About Yourself.

Jeffrey:  I am the Creative Director and co-owner of Yankee Barn Homes. As a graduate of The Parson School of Design, I have a 25 year background in residential build design, primarily in the NYC metro area. I have also been partnered in producing new builds for the last 15 yrs. Most recently, I had the honor of receiving a civic award for historic preservation in West Palm Beach, FL.

YBH: How Did You Come to Know Yankee Barn Homes?

Jeffrey:  I came to YBH as retail customer through an online search, specifically looking for post and beam prefabricated homes. When I visited the NH facilities to view the product, I hadn’t spent much time in the state. I was enthralled by the countryside and impressed by the YBH facilities. I signed a design contract that day. The intimacy of the experience of designing a home with YBH was the thing that really impressed me. In one visit, I met with sales, was moved through to design, and left with a concept for a house in hand.

YBH: Tell Us About the Transition Process from Client to Co-Owner

Jeffrey: A few years later the opportunity to become a YBH co-owner with Paul Marinelli presented itself. Having recently built a YBH home and having enjoying the process/product, I jumped at the opportunity. It didn’t hurt that everyone who visited the home was captivated by the post and beam architecture.

YBH: What’s Your Vision for Yankee Barn Homes?

Jeffrey:  Take an iconic brand that has existed since 1969, build from all that is good and remake it into a driving force in the residential housing market. Paul and I intend to continue pushing energy efficient construction methods employing the most current technology. Additionally, we will further advance YBH architecture in encompassing both the traditional barn home as well other architectural styles. Yankee Barn Homes’ future is bright!

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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