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5 Minutes With Yankee Barn Homes’ Kerri Terwilliger

Yankee Barn talks with Business Development Director, Kerri White Terwilliger. Kerri has a long history in home design, and strong ideas about Yankee Barn Homes.

YBH: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Kerri: I designed my first home for a classmate when I was 12.  With this early start, I knew I was on to something I loved. My career has been 16 years in both industrial  and residential design. I’ve never forgotten a client’s comment:“Some people are able to figure out what they WANT to do in life, some figure out what they are good at doing. Very few know what they were born to do. You were born to design homes.” That was the defining moment for me.

YBH: What drew you to Yankee Barn Homes?

Kerri: Other than the opportunity to oversee the design process and business development here at YBH, these 3 things were key:

1. The quality of the product  – YBH is top notch post and beam construction and awesome panel system.

2. The team – it’s the people behind the product and communication that ensures clients have a great experience. The crew at YBH has it all!

3. The owners – Paul Marinelli and Jeffrey Rosen are involved, dedicated and have a compelling vision for the company. They choose to rebuild the Yankee Barn brand, expand it’s product choice and ensure customer satisfaction.

YBH: Explain your design process.

Kerri: I see home design as a puzzle. Site, budget, function, style and the client’s dreams are the pieces. My job is to organize these parts into a finished piece. I typically sketch a floor plan/elevation (thumbnail sketches) and walk through these ideas with the client. From these sketches and client feedback, we are able to proceed to our 3-D CAD program. This allows people to walk thorough their dream house and ensure it’s just right. I find this process to be a strong relationship builder which leads to a quick and efficient construction phase. By the time the house is up every customer has become part of the Yankee Barn family.

YBH: What’s next at YBH?

Kerri: We’re working on some exciting projects. A  “Quick Ship” stock series of homes for those with a short time frame.  Adding to our inventory of new and unique architectural home style plans, easier-to-build garage and outbuildings, guest and pool house packages, educational and interactive events and seminars for current and potential customers.

Yankee Barn Homes is as much about lifestyle as it is about a building. Our philosophy centers on the individual client(s) and their vision. Bring us the idea and we’ll design the house. We are “One-Stop-Shopping” in the home build industry; we can do it all. Call me!

YBH: I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Kerri soon as the joint is jumping here at YBH. Stay tuned….

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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