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YBH Freedom HIll Farmhouse Goes Up

YBH Farmhouse in Canada: Freedom Hill

This is a story of a farmhouse named “Freedom Hill”. We’ll get to the origins of the name in part two of this post. Today, I want to relay how this Yankee Barn came to be. The homeowners always dreamed of building a post and beam and, as now happens quite often, found us on Pinterest. The Douglas fir wood used by Yankee Barn was a major attraction as the couple could only find pine from Canadian timber frame companies. Aware of the strength and support Douglas fir provides, the couple knew this was the wood they needed as they desired a large expanse of open space. When they happened upon Yankee Barn Homes and discovered we use only Douglas fir, they knew they were on to something.

Another unique Yankee Barn feature also appealed: getting a price within days of initial contact. Other companies the homeowners contacted would not give out pricing early in the process; Yankee Barn Homes does. But what happened next sealed the deal. On their first visit to Yankee Barn the couple did a walk-through of an existing YBH. Loving what they’d seen, Sandy and his wife went directly from that home back to the YBH office. Working with our staff, they watched as a vision of their very own YBH house took shape before their eyes. Our technical staff is able to sit with you and create a 3-D version of your home, then take you on a virtual tour through your new house!

Sandy reports the process of building the house in our production shop was, in his words “Crazy fast”. Within two weeks of signing an agreement, the couple watched their house take shape in our factory.

The homeowners feel the quality of materials is beyond impressive; the insulation is fantastic. Sandy experienced this first-hand prior to living in his new home. The house was enclosed during the winter months. The workmen would arrive in the morning, turn on a space heater on the lower level, and get to work. Several hours into the morning, they’d shut the heater down as the house warmed up and held the heat throughout the day – in the dead of a Canadian winter. Now that’s a well-insulated home!

Next week we’ll take you inside this home and learn how it came to be known as “Freedom Hill Farm”. Watch for a new post on Thursday, as you won’t want to miss more stories and photos of this special Yankee Barn!

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options, you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 or fill out this short online form.


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  1. Hi Kerri.
    Our insulation is Polyisocyanurate insulation – it’s the most thermally efficient rigid board insulation available in the marketplace providing the highest R Values per inch of thickness. It’s also an ideal choice for green building – it’s made from recycled materials, offering reduced fossil fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency, and zero ozone depletion. Thanks for your question!

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