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The Proctor Farmhouse Is Looking GOOD!

The Proctor Farmhouse Is Looking GOOD!

The Proctor farmhouse, a post and beam home by Yankee Barn, is looking good. Nearing completion, the homeowners have been working like crazy to complete their home in time for the summer season. It has been an amazing project to watch (see Floor Plans and Update for previous posts on this home). The homeowners have done a great deal of the work themselves and are doing a wonderful job chronicling their efforts. These photos were taken as the work progressed on the home, beginning with late summer and winding up just a few weeks ago. What a great house this is! We can not wait to get final shots of this Yankee Barn, but in the meantime, we think you’ll enjoy these, too.

By last fall the farmhouse was pretty much completed on the exterior and the ground had been graded and leveled for the coming spring planting season.

The interior had come a long way, but there was serious work yet to be done. Already, you could see this was going to be one special home by the time it was finished.

Progress was steady. As the kitchen appliances were being installed. The homeowners were choosing the floor tile and counter-top materials for the master bath.

There was a fair amount of finish work yet to be completed, but the homeowners went about it with meticulous procession and a great deal of joy in seeing their home develop a look that was uniquely theirs. Not one thing said cookie-cutter or mass production in this home. Their farmhouse is a physical manifestation of who they are and the things they love.

Winter came and slowly went, while miraculous things were occurring within the farmhouse.

The catwalk railings were completed, floors were laid and finished, painting was done and a gorgeous post and beam was emerging.

These homeowners have every reason to be extremely proud of themselves and their amazing farmhouse. It has been a true labor of love and their hard work has definitely paid off. We will be getting finish photos of this home, interiors and exterior, very soon.

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