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A Yankee Barn Post And Beam Wedding: The Ceremony

A Yankee Barn Post and Beam Wedding: The Ceremony

This is just the type of day a Yankee Barn post and beam carriage house is made to host. Last week we saw the home function as Wedding Prep Central. Today, we’ll witness how well a great barn home can work for a wedding.

From the time this home was built, Kirsten (whose parents live here) and Stephanie knew they wanted to get married in this special place. There is just something about the Yankee Barn post and beam lifestyle which naturally lends itself to these special occasions. Relaxed yet refined, the carriage house speaks the language of all things HOME. A place we turn to time and time again throughout our lives for those moments which define a family.

The wait and preparations are finally over. This is really happening…. barn wedding

The long walk from the house to the stream…. Sun filtering through the trees….post and beam

Nerves, laughter, tears…. post and beam

Solemn vows, and then…. post and beam

Joyous applause! post and beam

The wonder of the lifestyle that is Yankee Barn Homes! barn wedding

Check back next Wednesday for the final of this 3-part series, as the Celebration really gets rolling!

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