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A Yankee Barn Post And Beam Wedding

A Yankee Barn Post and Beam Wedding

Once again we share memories of a Yankee Barn post and beam carriage house wedding. As the opening sentence implies, we’ve written about this wedding in a previous post.

We revisit the occasion in greater detail in this 3-part series, as the wedding is meaningful to the Yankee Barn family. The YBH lifestyle is synonymous with ease of comfort for family and friends, thus our homes lend themselves perfectly to celebratory events, large and small. Please join a favorite couple, Kirsten and Stephanie, as they experience one of life’s big moments in a Yankee Barn carriage house and tea house.

post and beam

The post and beam carriage house is ready for the big day!


Getting Ready in a Post and Beam

Meet Kirsten and Stephanie. Kirsten grew up around Yankee Barn, specifically watching the design and build of this carriage house. She knows it inside and out because her parents live here. She watched the entire process, from design to build, as it took place and even had a hand in conceptualizing the floor plan. It was only natural for Kirsten to dream of her big day occurring on the spot where she watched the house and its gardens take shape.

post and beam

A few final moments of calm before this house hosts The Big Day.


On The Big Day, activity and excitement are high and the carriage house hums with barely contained enthusiasm. Last minute preparations are happening and happiness is evident in every corner of the Yankee Barn carriage house.

post and beam

The flowers have arrived as the carriage house begins to hum.


post and beam

Stephanie arrives to catch her first glimpse of Kirsten.


post and beam

At the same time, Kirsten spots Stephanie.


post and beam

Stephanie and Kirsten watch as guests make their way to the carriage house. The ceremony will take place outside, by the stream.


Join us next week as we attend the carriage house wedding of Kirsten and Stephanie….

The Bennington Carriage House Floor Plans

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  1. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you guys more you include this beautiful wedding. I’m from Vermont originally and I’m currently living in a much less tolerant part of the country so seeing a celebration of love in such a beautiful house warms my heart.

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