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Eye Catching Post And Beam Rooms

Eye Catching Post and Beam Rooms

The thing about post and beam architecture is this:  it creates strong and visible features within a home which add complete uniqueness to a space. To say it is like looking at the “skeleton” of a home is accurate, but this statement doesn’t do the beauty of the timber frame justice. Every room in the home will have a post or a beam (most often, plenty of both) which can either become the central focal point or add to the overall effect of a room. As you view each of these rooms, consider how the post and beam structure has either been brought to the forefront, or incorporated into the total look of the room. Yankee Barn Homes clients have a wonderful ability to make their mark on how the structure is integrated into the style and decor of their home to make them uniquely their own. post and beam


Post and Beam Rooms

In presenting these photographs from post and beam homes, my intent is to reveal how different in style one timber frame can be from the next. Virtually, any style of home is possible; it’s all in what the creator/homeowner envisions.

post and beam

The entire look of this carriage house was created around the post and beam architectural shape of the home. A European flavor of rustic elegance defines this space.


timber frame

Other than the artwork and light fixture, this room is a blank canvas. However, hints given in the chevron brick fireplace lining, the diagonal flooring and heavy beams tell you an English Cottage look would work well here.


timber frame

This space all but screams “down time” and “high fun factor”. What a great way to envision both. Love the light through the cupola in the roof.


timber frame

A contemporary kitchen works well in tandem with a post and beam frame in this farmhouse kitchen.


timber frame

A traditional style barn home great room is warm and welcoming.


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